Women Safety Stun Gun in Rajasthan

Safety has always been a crucial point to take care about. Whether safety of your home, assets or the personal safety. While you are on the way or at home, personal safety should be the important matter to take care of. Although, it is important for male and female, both, but when it comes to females whether the married women or a girl, whether she is at home, or she, is studying or working woman, they have to be extra attentive as we see in daily newspapers, the incidents of eve-teasing, molestation, sexual harassment and domestic violence with girls. Therefore, you need to keep always safety gadgets with you. We, at Spygoogly, offer a vast range of Women's self defense products for your ultimate safety.

We offer Aviation Aluminum self defense pen, Taser Gun-cum Stun gun, Sleek rounded Black Brass, Ultra Compact stun gun, spy stun gun, self defense cell phone, Spy self defense stun gun, Taiwan Police stun gun, Expandable type stun gun, Lipstick stun gun, Stun gun travel chic etc. for your safety and security. These self defense items are not very much harmful, but yes, these items give a temporary shock to the attacking person.

Women self defense guns will work wonders for your safety. These guns have triggers and whenever you feel that someone is intending to harm you by doing something wrong, just press the trigger of your safety gadget. It will give a high voltage electric shock to the attacker; the muscles of the attacker’s body will lose the control of his mind for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, you can escape from that place or you can also call someone for help or can call the Police.

If you are looking for stun gun in Rajasthan India, no need to look further as Spygoogly is here for your help. We are leading the path of Stun Gun Dealer in Rajasthan India and providing a vast range of self defense devices. These devices have quality features to protect you at the time of need. Have a glance on range of products offered by us:

  • Aviation Aluminum Self Defense Tactical Pen - This diamond cut non-slip grip effectively helps you to take tactical action. You can easily hook it to your notebook, handbag, or bag pack due to its ergonomic clip. When you will attack on the attacker, it is able to scoop the DNA of the attacker. The triangular shaped crown with sharp point is even able to break a glass whenever it is required for your safety.
  • Lipstick Stun Gun - Lipstick is the most common thing which most of the women or girls use to carry with them, so, the stun gun designed in shape of a lipstick will be easy to carry as no one can recognize it as a self defense weapon. You can even carry it in your hand while walking in the risky areas. It is ideal for college girls, BPO employees as they have to work in rotational shifts, senior citizens, Night travelers, cash/Jewellary/valuable carriers etc.
  • Taser Gun cum Stun Gun - Taser gun has more advanced features and it can attack within 5 meters. This is made up of parts as the gun, the composition of the transmitter and the laser light. The Taser gun produces high voltage current but it is controlled within the safe range, so, that there should be no danger of life.
  • Self Defense stun gun - This device gives an electric shock and it comes with powerful LED lights. You will have to just touch the red button by putting it forward. Only two seconds touch will make the attacker to lose his balance because she loses the control of his muscles. Spygoogly is delivering the best Taser gun in Rajasthan India.
  • Mobile Stun Gun - Just like a Mobile Phone it is in shape and no one can disguise it as a Stun Gun for Personal Safety. A surprise counter attack is very helpful for escaping while walking anywhere you can easily carry it with you as at this time people have realized that it is a habit of people to keep their mobile in their hands.
We, Spygoogly is fully dedicated towards our duty that is to make you safe in every way. That is why we have made a very fine quality of Stun Gun in Rajasthan India. You can buy ladies safety stun guns in Rajasthan India from our store or shop or you can also have it online by placing an online order. You can choose payment options in accordance with your convenience. Own a woman’s self defense gun as soon as possible to get tension free for your safety. Stun Gun Price in Rajasthan India are not too much higher, so you can also give to your acquaintances as a gift of safety. Spygoogly is a leading company in the field of Taser Gun in Rajasthan India.

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