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Best Button Spy Cameras (DISCREET and NONDESCRIPT)

For those who need the utmost secrecy when filming something, a button spy camera could be the solution for you. Here are a few features that you keep in mind when thinking about procuring a button spy camera.

1. Easy to Use

When you need a button spy camera for your job or for your hobby, ease of use is important. The whole point is to be secretive and subtle. If you have to fumble with the camera just to turn it on, your cover might be blown.

That’s why it’s critical that the button spy camera that you choose has an easy operation. Most of these cameras might be a simple click of a button to start the recording. People won’t think much if you brush your finger over the buttons of your shirt.

If you have to do anything more to turn the camera on, however, then it may be too obvious.

2. Discreet

Another important feature of a button spy camera is how discreet it is. Even button cameras can look out of place if it doesn’t quite match the style of your shirt. Your placement of the camera is also important.

If it’s something that can be clipped on, then you might want to consider actually removing one of the buttons on your shirt. Then you can replace it with the button spy camera. This ensures that the button doesn’t look out of place by trying to add it to the existing line of buttons already.

A few button spy cameras might work best by being placed in a shirt pocket. However it looks, the spy camera should easily blend in with the rest of your shirt.

3. Livestream Capabilities

One way to help ensure that the footage is backed up is to be able to livestream it to another PC or phone. If you’re in a session with someone or trying to capture something incriminating in a casual setting, then having it livestreamed to a PC somewhere can help ensure that the confession is caught.

Because it’s a micro camera, it doesn’t always have a lot of memory. For a casual evening out, the session could run for a few hours before you receive the single sentence that you need from the person. By that time, the camera’s memory might already be full.

If it’s linked to a PC, however, it’s still recording and uploading that footage to the PC which can save the footage from there.

4. Clear Picture

It’s also critical that your button spy camera offers a clear picture. You can find a lot of cameras that come with a 1080 HD picture. Considering that the camera is going to be attached to a button, you won’t be able to control exactly where the lens is pointing.

It’s more important than ever that the footage you do capture is crystal clear. This also includes audio quality. Even if you miss their face, at least you can capture their voice. With great audio quality, you can be sure that every word or whisper that they utter is captured by the spy camera.

5. Motion-Activated Mode

Some button spy cameras have the ability to be function based solely on motion. By removing it and placing it nearby, you can activate the motion-activated mode. This means that the button spy camera doesn’t start filming until it detects motion.

Because few people will think twice about a spare button laying on a table, this mode can be quite effective in surveillance and capture. Just be mindful that this mode can sometimes only last for an hour.

Best Button Spy Cameras

Hidden Camera Button - Mini Spy Camera WiFi 1080P HD 60cm DIY Wireless Video Recorder Motion Detection Camera Real-Time View Nanny Cam
57 Reviews
Hidden Camera Button - Mini Spy Camera WiFi 1080P HD 60cm DIY Wireless Video Recorder Motion Detection Camera Real-Time View Nanny Cam
  • Small Camera:This spy camera is the world's smallest portable camera with FULL HD 1080P.The lens is as small...
  • WIFI Camera High Resolution:FULL HD 1080P video resolution at 30 frames and 90-degree wide-angle lens ensure...
  • Motion Detection Alarm:You can set the motion detection function in the app .When motion is detected, this...
  • External Rechargeable battery:External 5000mAh rechargeable lithium battery,Can be recorded while...
  • When you connect the camera via your router using your smartphone, tablet or iPad, you can remotely monitor...
8GB Mini Pocket Button Hidden Spy Camera Video Camera Motion Detection DV Camcorder
46 Reviews
8GB Mini Pocket Button Hidden Spy Camera Video Camera Motion Detection DV Camcorder
  • 【Mini Button Camera】The small gadget camera looks like a clothes button, but actually it is a spy covert...
  • 【Covert Camera】This tiny spy camera is easy to use and operate. It supports real-time video shooting and...
  • 【Memory Card & Battery Capacity】The item is support the Micro SD card up to 32GB and 8GB Micro SD card is...
  • 【Useful Places】The black button camera will be suitable in the supermarkets, shops, schools, conference...
  • 【Guarantee】30 Days Return Policy and Full 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty.Professional Service team 24 hours...

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