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Spy Clock (Wake Up!)

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For those who need to capture footage of their bedroom or other areas of the home, a spy clock could be just what you need. In order to make sure that you receive the best spy clock possible for your needs, consider some of these features.

1. Hiding in Plain Sight

One of the reasons that many people have come to love spy clocks is because they offer total secrecy. Almost everyone has a clock in their house somewhere. Those who have alarm clocks typically have them in key places that you might want to record.

For parents, you might want to be able to keep an eye on the kids when they’re home alone. For employers, clocks can be a great way to monitor the behavior and actions of your employees.

No matter what you need to use it for, having a spycam in a clock is a great choice.

2. WIFI Capable

One feature that you should consider for your spy cam clock is if it is capable of connecting to the WIFI or not. This is important because it allows you to live-stream to your phone. Certain companies come with their own application that allows you to connect to your spy clock while it’s functioning.

Through that app, you can monitor the camera’s captured footage as it happens. You can also store recorded images or videos on your phone for review later as well. For those who need to know what is happening in their house at the same time rather than reviewing the footage later, your spy clock needs to be WIFI-enabled.

3. Night Vision

Because the clocks will also be monitoring the rooms in the dark, then you need to ensure that the spy clock has night vision properties. Otherwise, you’re not going to capture much of anything. There are quite a few different varieties of night vision, too.

You may find a spy clock that offers infrared vision during the night. Others might key-in on heat signatures. While other spy clocks may stick with the standard night vision lens. Whichever is the most helpful for your needs is something that you should have included in your spy clock.

4. HD Images

Another important aspect of your spy clock is its quality. What good is a grainy picture or video? To ensure you don’t miss a single detail, you’ll want a spy clock that offers HD video and audio quality.

Any kind of graininess will disappear with this capability. You’ll also be able to pick up on the audio with crystal clear quality.

5. Functional Alarm Clock

One feature that you may not have considered is if the clock, itself, is functional. For those who want to ensure that secrecy is guaranteed, then your clock needs to be functional. For an alarm clock, the numbers should change according to the actual time.

It should also actually play music or a tone when the alarm is set. Because of its functionality, no one will suspect that it’s actually a spy clock. Normal clocks without alarms should also still be able to record the time.

6. Motion Detector

One last feature that you should consider for your spy clock is its ability to detect motion. Sometimes you don’t want to record an empty house. You only want to record when something is actually moving in the house.

That’s why you need a camera that has motion sensing. It starts recording the moment that the detector recognizes motion. This will save you memory on your camera’s SD card and time when it comes to reviewing the captured footage.

WEMLB WB-726 HD 1080 P WiFi Hidden Camera Alarm Clock Night Vision/Motion Detection/Loop Recording Wireless Security Camera for Home Surveillance - Spy Cameras
  • Your Family’s Safety First: Wondering if your elderly or kids are being well attended by hired personnel? Would you like to occasionally check up on your pet while home alone? These questions can now have an answer with the WEMLB hidden camera!
  • Discreet and Concealed Design: This spy camera clock was designed having in mind a discreet and user-friendly experience, posing as a functional alarm clock which is small, compact and elegant, a discreet addition to any room of your home or office!
  • Adjustable Recording Modes: Unlike similar products on the market, this hidden camera clock allows various recording modes depending on your needs. Easily set it for loop recording or motion detection and make sure you’re constantly informed of the whereabouts of your loved ones!
  • Wide Viewing Angle: With a HD 1080P resolution and crystal-clear image, easy to pair with any smartphone, tablet or laptop through stable WIFI connection, this small spy camera also enjoys an ultra-wide 145-degree viewing angle, reaching every important corner of your room!
  • Wide Applications: Supporting up to 128GB SD memory card, with state of the art motion detection technology and night vision feature, this secret camera is an excellent choice for improving home security, as a nanny cam, for checking up on your elderly, business partners, life partner or colleagues!
WAYMOON 4K Hidden Spy Camera Wireless Hidden WiFi Clock Camera Home Security Nanny Camera with Night Vision,160 Ultra Wide Angle,Motion Detection
  • Live Stream from Anywhere in 4K - This Hidden Camera comes with 4K High Resolution live streaming lets you see inside your home from anywhere in real time using your mobile device.
  • High-tech Night Vision - Night vision lets you see up to 30’ in absolute darkness using 4 infrared (IR) LEDs.
  • 160 Ultra Wide Angle - This Spy Camera Featured, 4K/15fps to capture moments with clear picture.
  • Activity Alerts - Motion Detection features use state-of-the-art technology to detect and send notifications to your phone.
  • Compatible - This Spy Cam is only compatible with the 2. 4GHz WiFi network (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi) and Support Apple (iOS) and Android mobile devices. Local backup supports up to 128GB Class10 microSD cards (SD Card No include)
True 1080P Hidden Camera Clock Wireless Spy Cameras HD WiFi Secret Covert Nanny Cam Home Office Surveillance Security Cams Enhanced Night Vision 12/24 Hour Switch Motion Detection Alert
  • 【True 1080P Spy Camera Clock】 The material of wireless spy clock adopts zinc alloy, with better heating diffusion and endurance to ensure the long life; Equipped with Sony IMX 323 lens and IR-CUT, improve the quality of images and correct color distortions and other inaccuracies. 
  • 【Record Videos to SD Card without Network】 Just insert a Micro SD card into device, next turn spy camera on, next the hidden camera clock will record HD videos to SD card automatically.
  • 【Live Stream Videos on APP】 Connect wireless spy camera clock to your router WIFI, next you can remotely view live videos via Phone app (support Android, iPhone system); You can also remotely playback, download and delete video files on app.
  • 【Stronger Night Vision】 The Security camera clock has 5 high-power invisible infrared lights, you can also clearly monitor your home, office at dark. Featuring a highly sensitive photo-resistor, the night vision will be turned on/off automatically. You can also manually turn on/off clock display.
  • 【Motion Detection Alarm and Record Video】Set motion detection record on Micro SD card option. This wireless nanny camera will auto record a short video to SD card once the motion is detected. At the same time, this hidden spy camera will send a push notification to your device and take a photo saved on app.
Hidden Camera Clock Wireless Spy Cameras HD 1080P WiFi Secret Covert Nanny Cam Home Office Surveillance Security Motion Detection Enhanced Night Vision Live Streaming via Android iOS App
  • 【Wireless Hidden Camera Clock】The material of spy camera clock adopts good zinc alloy, with better heating diffusion and endurance to ensure the long life. This hidden camera features a SONY IMX323 image sensor to capture sharper details in outstanding visibility.
  • 【Record Videos to SD Card without Any Network】Only insert a Micro SD Card(Not Included) into this spy security camera, next turn it on, next the spy clock will auto continuously record videos to SD card.
  • 【Live Streaming via Android/IOS App】You can Live stream your videos in high-quality 1080p when this spy camera finishes network configuration on app. You can also download and playback video files of Micro SD card through app.
  • 【Enhanced Night Vision】This spy clock camera has 5 high-powered invisible infrared led lights. Compared to similar hidden camera clocks, this nanny camera clock can record clearer videos even in darkness. Nobody can notice this spy camera in the darkness.
  • 【Motion Detection Alarm and Record】The app will send push alerts to your phone once a motion is detected. This nanny camera will also take photos to app. If you enable motion detection record on SD Card, it will auto take a short video to SD card once the motion is activated.
Hidden Spy Camera Clock WiFi Wireless 1080P Nanny Cam and Security Cameras with Motion Detection and Night Vision, Perfect 140 Angle Camera Clock for Home Office, No Audio
49 Reviews
Hidden Spy Camera Clock WiFi Wireless 1080P Nanny Cam and Security Cameras with Motion Detection and Night Vision, Perfect 140 Angle Camera Clock for Home Office, No Audio
  • SPY HOME CAMERA CLOCK WIRELESS HIDDEN: Hidden spy camera looks like a regular clock. You can view full HD 1080P video image in your home or office through Android / iOS phone, no matter where you are, provide security for you and your family! Tips: Products like spy cameras have complicated procedures. If you are unable to operate the product after receiving it, please tell us via email. We will get back to you within 24 hours and help you solve problems with photos or videos.
  • MOTION DETECTION ALERT PUSH: Set motion detection push notifications, when detect slight motion within 30ft, the alert notification will be send to your phone immediately, then you can know what happened or view playback from SD card(Not included). It supports max 128GB (recording time is about 30 days) and will cover the oldest video files when the memory storage is full. Note: About motion detection settings: ① An SD card needs to be inserted; ② camera clock needs to be set to remote mode.
  • ALTHOUGH BUILT-IN 12 IR LED LIGHTS NIGHT VISION:This hidden spy camera clock has 12 night vision infrared lights ( others usually 6/8 IR lights ). We apply a special color to the lens to make it more hidden, but it will sacrifice the night vision effect. Night vision distance 6.6 feet ( Sorry, this is true, but I have to be honest with you, and after a real comparison, we found that our video in day and night vision is better than most of our peers. )
  • SUPPORTS THREE CONNECTION METHODS: 1. Hotspot connection mode: APP (LOOKCAMPRO) - Connect to hotspots emitted by the clock - Watch videos. Note: it only supports close-up viewing. 2. Remote connection mode: APP - connect to camera hotspot - connect to WiFi - keep smart phone with network connection - watch video in real time through app. 3. SD card recording: APP - Insert the SD card (not included) - Connect to the APP for SD card settings - Take out the SD card to play back the video.
  • SUPPORT RECORDING WHEN CHARGING: This wireless hidden camera is equipped with a rechargeable battery and can record for about 4 hours after being fully charged. If you want to monitor all day, you can plug it into a power outlet or portable power source to work continuously. NOTE: If you encounter any problems during the process of setting up this spy hidden camera, please give us a chance to help you, send us an email, and we will have a professional team waiting for you.
Hidden Spy Camera Clock,HD 1080P WiFi Camera Alarm Clock with Night Vision and Motion Detective,Monitor Video Recorder Nanny Cam for Home Office Security
  • 【Hidden Camera Clock】:This spy camera looks like a regular clock which could tell you time. The lens of spy cam is hidden under the glossy screen thus nobody will notice it. It can be used with wide angle of 150 degree and 1080P lense. Act as a surveillance camera in: Office, Home and Car etc. With Romeifly spy camera you will never miss any details clearly that’s happening in the room.
  • 【Wi-Fi Streaming and Remotely View】:The wireless Wi-Fi spy camera hidden camera in clock could be connected to the internet network, so you could live-stream your footage from anywhere in the world. Just download the app and follow the instruction book, then you are able to see everything happens on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • 【Loop Recording】:Insert the Micro SD card into its slot,power it on,the camera will start to record automatically.When the memory space is full,the camera will overwrite the files from oldest to newest.Please Noted:No audio record function due to federal law
  • 【Powerful Machine Performance】: Wifi hidden camera build in advanced 2.0MP image sensor which helps to capture full HD video smoothly with accurate color reproduction. The supper 120° wide-angle professional grade lens, creating a large coverage view to monitor your care, iOS and Android Compatible, Live Stream from Anywhere, perfect for house, office or family as housekeeper or nanny cam 24/4
  • 【Cleary Night Vision and Motion Detection】: Spy cam comes with excellent 5M infrared night vision, you can see any details and surface clearly even in dark environment. And, your phone will receive Notification with images while a motion is detected. Just use the App to see details in real time and neednt to worry about any missing happened.
Hidden Camera Miota Spy Camera Wireless Security Nanny Cam with 1080P Full HD, WiFi, Night Vision, Motion Detection, Bluetooth Speaker,FM Radio,Cell Phone App,No Sound Recording
  • 【Clock Hidden Camera & HD 1080P Video】Perfectly hidden camera clock design , hard to notice there is a spy camera in the room. Full HD 1080P resolution keeps you well informed of what's happening in the room via the crystal clear images. Perfect for pet / baby monitoring, nanny cam, office monitoring, home security etc.
  • 【Newest Updated Multifunctional Design】Work as a Bluetooth speaker with Bluetooth 4.1 in stereo sound, great to use it in home or outdoors; FM radio enjoy what you like anywhere; Alarm clock design a great helper to wake you up.
  • 【Motion Detection Alarm and Record】The hidden camera will send alerts and take picture to your phone app once a motion is detected . If you enable motion detection record on SD Card, it will auto take a short video and store it in SD card once there is motion activated.
  • 【Auto Night Vision and Loop Recording】Enhanced Night vision with 8 high-power IR lens and ICR infrared filter, the vision distance up to 32ft. Makes everything in control via this mini spy hidden camera.
  • 【Wifi Surveillance or SD Card Video Record】Connect the wifi hidden camera to your home wifi via cellphone APP that enables live stream(support two-way audio), real-time snapshot & video recording (2.4G only, Not work with 5G network); Or insert a Micro SD Card (up to 64GB, not Included)into this spy security camera, turn it on,it will auto continuously record videos to the SD card.
Poetele Upgraded HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Spy Wall Clock Camera Real-time Video Remote View on Your Phone Support iOS/Android/PC,Nanny Cam for Home Security No Audio
14 Reviews
Poetele Upgraded HD 1080P WiFi Hidden Spy Wall Clock Camera Real-time Video Remote View on Your Phone Support iOS/Android/PC,Nanny Cam for Home Security No Audio
  • 【Wi-Fi Streaming and Remotely View】:This wall clock camera can be connected to your home 2.4 GHz WiFi internet network, by this way, you could remotely monitor your home from anywhere on your phone app, enjoy the comfort of being away from home while working or travelling outside. Support working while charging, you can monitor your house security 24/7.Video-only surveillance equipment that does not record sound.
  • 【A Real Wall Clock Camera】:It is a real wall clock with camera, perfect wall clock design can totally blend into any room or store. You can hang it on the wall or stand on the desk, it is completely inconspicuous while the camera is recording. Easy to operation.
  • 【1080P HD VIDEO】:The clock camera adopts high quality camera lens, produces true color HD video that allows you to monitor exactly what is going on when you aren't around in your home, office, business, or wherever you need covert video surveillance.
  • 【Long Working Time】: 5000mAh rechargeable battery attached,Support recording and charging at the same time, and support Loop recording. Don't worry about the battery running out and missing important moments.Support 32GB memory card in max (not included).
  • 【Great Service】:3 months refund.3-year free to change the new;Lifetime Technology Support.Satisfy the customer unconditionally.We offer a quick refund without return service in 3 months.
Hidden Camera Clock in Bluetooth Speaker with Night Vision, Wireless Hd 1080P Nanny Cam, Motion Detection WiFi Smart Security Monitoring for Home/ Office .
71 Reviews
Hidden Camera Clock in Bluetooth Speaker with Night Vision, Wireless Hd 1080P Nanny Cam, Motion Detection WiFi Smart Security Monitoring for Home/ Office .
  • 【Hidden Security Camera】This is a HD 1080P mini wireless night vision wifi camera. It is also a portable video security surveillance invisible camera. Remotely view live video,Snapshot,Playback video ,Motion detection record and alarm,Looping recording. Up max 128G Micro SD card. it's a good idea to real-time monitor your baby as nanny cam,pets,private office.
  • 【Wireless Bluetooth Speaker】It not only a covert spy camera,also a music player .Connect the speaker with phone or computer via bluetooth or 3.5mm earphone port,you can enjoy free time.
  • 【Live Video & Micro SD recording】Once inserting Micro sd card into secret camera, and turn on camera,it will record video automatically without any network;Real-time monitoring with free app ,It's easy to operate the camera.You can remotely view the live video anytime and anywhere after you complete the network configuration on your smartphone APP in the P2P mode. You also playback the video in micro sd card anytime on the app,which you don't miss any moment.
  • 【Motion Detection & Alarm Push & Recording】Alarm notifications will be pushed to your cell phone once the motion is activated, and will snapshot photos on APP.
  • 【Quality Guaranteed】One-Year Warranty and Lifetime technical support.Any question please free to contact with us, we will reply you as soon as possible