Spy mirror

Spy Mirror (Smile!)

When it comes to spying on situations in the house or at your business, you have a few different options. You could be blatant and post cameras for everyone to see, or you could try a more subtle approach with a spy mirror. Here are a few aspects to consider when choosing a spy mirror for your needs.

1. Size Matters

One of the biggest reasons that people love using mirrors to hide their cameras behind is because it means they can use a larger camera. A lot of other items that can conceal a camera require a micro camera.

While the micro camera can still function as well as a larger camera, it also often provides a few setbacks. Micro cameras may not offer as clear video or audio quality, for example. They also have limited memory compared to larger cameras.

With a larger camera, you’re also able to capture a wider view of the area. With that in mind, you’ll want a large mirror. The larger the mirror is, the larger your camera can be behind it.

2. Transparency

Another important detail to consider is the transparency of your mirror. You don’t want something that clearly doesn’t function well as a mirror. Those who are using it can become suspicious about its actual purpose.

Yet you don’t want it to be too transparent that you can see the camera behind it. That’s definitely a way to alert your employees or your family that they’re being watched. Instead, you need to find a mirror that has a reflective enough surface to function while not giving it away that there’s a camera behind it.

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3. Scratch-Resistant

While your camera shouldn’t have a problem with scratches, the mirror might. Especially in the case when the mirror is used frequently, you’re going to need to make sure that the glass if tough or scratch-resistant entirely.

If someone cleans the mirror and ends up scratching it, then you can be sure that any footage you record in the future is going to be marred due to that scratch. It could end up covering or distorting something integral that you need to see.

To ensure you don’t miss a single detail, have your mirror be scratch-resistant.

4. Livestream Capabilities

The spy camera should be able to livestream the footage to your phone or PC. If you’re out of the house and need to know what’s happening as it happens, then a camera that only records for later review isn’t a good choice.

Luckily, there are many spy cameras that come with an application that allows you to view the recording as it happens. If an emergency occurs, then you’ll know instantly, and you can send for help.

5. Mobile

One cool aspect of a spy mirror is that if you don’t mind using a mico camera, you could potentially take it with you. For example, you can find a micro camera and mirror for use on a bike.

Whether you ride your bike a lot, you’re a courier, or you want to use your bike to capture footage, you can easily place a bike mirror on the bike with the spy camera attached to the back of it. The mirror will be able to record anything that happens behind you.

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This could prove extremely useful if you’re ever in an accident. The camera could prove who was at fault.

6. Large Memory

For cameras that remain stationary behind a mirror at home or at your business, one great benefit that it can provide is a decent memory. You can record for hours without worry.

Tooluxe 20734L Telescoping Inspection Mirror | Two 2-1/4' Mirrors | 30' Retractable Handle
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Tooluxe 20734L Telescoping Inspection Mirror | Two 2-1/4" Mirrors | 30" Retractable Handle
  • 30-inches in overall length
  • Comfortable soft grip handle
  • Package comes with 2 replaceable glass mirrors
  • Mirror measures 2 1/4" inches
  • Perfect for auto mechanics or home owners for inspecting hard-to-reach areas
Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror
292 Reviews
Zefal Spy Bicycle Mirror
  • Universal multi position mirror
  • No tools required
  • Mounts almost anywhere on bike
Bedwina Spy Glasses for Kids in Bulk - Pack of 3 Spy Sunglasses with Rear View So You Can See Behind You, for Fun Party Favors, Spy Gear Detective Gadgets, Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Boys and Girls
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Bedwina Spy Glasses for Kids in Bulk - Pack of 3 Spy Sunglasses with Rear View So You Can See Behind You, for Fun Party Favors, Spy Gear Detective Gadgets, Stocking Stuffer Gifts for Boys and Girls
  • PACK OF 3 SPY GLASSES FOR KIDS Each order of Cool Bedwina Spy Glasses includes 3 pairs of spy sunglasses that feature mirrored outer edges which reflect what is in your rear view. The frames are flexible and can be used as real sunglasses . Look cool and always watch your back with the best spy gadgets and gear
  • REAL SUNGLASSES WITH UV PROTECTION These spy sunglasses are stylish, discreet and feature UV Filter Lenses so you can actually use them outside in the sun. Because we know every master spy needs to see whats behind them and protect their eyes from the sun too
  • BE A MASTER SPY Put on your best disguise and grab your detective spy gear! Because these spy glasses really work your kids will love pretending to be a secret agent! Adults will even love even love them too knowing what their kids are up to and join in on the fun
  • HIGH QUALITY! DURABLE FRAMES Bedwina spy glasses party favors are high quality and durable. Each pair is made from flexible frames and UV lenses. They are a great fun party favor for kids and a huge hit for your kids spy themed party favor goodie bag. Recommended for Ages 5+
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEEDWhen shopping for your kids secret agent-themed birthday party and spy gadgets with Bedwina you can be rest assured that our if for whatever reason you are not 100% satisfied, we'll take back your product, no questions asked. We are here to make you 100% happy, 100% of the time with our 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Ullman, K-2L, Inspection Mirror, XL Telescoping
189 Reviews
Ullman, K-2L, Inspection Mirror, XL Telescoping
  • Mpn: K-2L
  • Made in America
  • Commercial Brand: Ullman
Rear Mirror View Rearview Behind Spy Sunglasses Monitor
226 Reviews
Rear Mirror View Rearview Behind Spy Sunglasses Monitor
  • Rear Mirror View Rearview Behind Spy Sunglasses Monitor
  • This spy glasses look like an ordinary pair of sun glasses,Yet they have a unique feature
  • you can see behind you. The lenses on these spy glasses have a special coating that allows you to look straight ahead and still see what is going on behind you
  • Stylish and great for walking and biking. You won't need to turn your head to see if a car is coming. It'll be like you have a rear view mirror with you
  • Have you ever thought you were being followed? Now, no one can sneak up behind you. These spy sun glasses make a great novelty gift!
Smart Novelty Spy Glasses Rear View Mirror Vision See Behind You Sunglasses for Kids - Pack of 2 Rearview Spy Sunglasses
  • What Can You See - Our awesome spy sunglasses enables you to see whats happening behind you even when looking straight ahead as the lenses come with a mirror by the edge.
  • Great Gift Idea - Kids will be thrilled to receive these cool spy sunglasses, there perfect gift to give to your spy loving friend or child, each pack includes 2 individually packed spy glasses.
  • Pretend Play - Playing with these spy glasses helps enhance and develop a childs imagination, with these sunglasses kids will love to play espionage games and pretend to be a secret agent.
  • Fun Party Item - You can hand out these novelty sunglasses for all sorts of occasions like a birthday gift, holiday present, prize, and student reward, they are also great as a gag toy or gift.
  • Cool Accessory - These rear view spy glasses is a fun accessory, use it for a dress up party or spy themed party, surprise those around you by telling them what's happening behind you.
Juvale 2-Pack Round 2-Inch Telescoping Inspection Mirror, Extends up to 24.5 Inches, Black
  • 2-PACK INSPECTION MIRROR: Is the perfect tool for all your inspection needs. Featuring a telescopic stick that extends up to 24.5 inches and retracts to 6.4 inches. The swivel neck mirror provides easy access in and around hard to reach areas.
  • CONVENIENT USE: Ideal for toolmakers, machinists, inspectors and mechanics to get into hard to reach areas, nooks and crannies. Telescoping stick extends and retracts easily while the swivel neck mirror allows you to adjust the position of the mirror to meet your viewing needs.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Grooved cushion handle provides a comfortable and strain free gripping experience so you can perform inspections with ease.
  • ATTACHED METAL CLIP: Is a convenient option to keep this tool handy with you whenever you need it; simply retract tool all the way down and attach to shirt pocket
  • 2-PACK: Keep these available whenever you need them; store in your garage, tool box, car, or wherever you need to have one handy. They also make a great gift for friends, family, handy men, mechanics, and more.
Ullman Devices HTC-2 High-Tech Telescoping Inspection Mirror, 2-1/4" Diameter, 6-1/2" to 36-3/8" Length
  • Clear glass mirror for perfect reflection
  • All-angle ball joint holds mirror firmly for 360 degree viewing
  • Mirror encased in rugged corrosion resistant brushed stainless steel
  • Stainless steel telescoping handle is strong, long and lightweight
  • Comfortable textured cushion grip keeps handle secure in wet or oily hands
Rhode Island Novelty Spy Look Behind Sunglasses, One Pair
259 Reviews
Rhode Island Novelty Spy Look Behind Sunglasses, One Pair
  • Rhode Island Novelty Spy Look Behind Sunglasses
  • One pair per order
  • Mirrors on side of inside of lenses
  • Fun for kids and adults!
  • Ages 3+
Shop Zoombie Spy Glasses with Rear View Mirror Vision to See Behind You - 3 PK and 1 Triangle Eraser - Easter Basket, Stocking Stuffers, Party Supplies, Prizes
  • Receive 3 Spy Look Behind Glasses and 1 Triangle Vortex Eraser
  • These spy glasses have a flexible black frame and UV filter lenses!
  • Looking through the lenses allows you to see whats in front of you and the mirrored edges allows you to see what is behind you!
  • Each pair of glasses measures 5.5 inches wide and comes in it's own box!
  • Be a master of espionage with these fun glasses! Great for party favors, prizes, treasure boxes, Easter Baskets, Stocking Stuffers, or for any young spy!